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Sol Marina Palace is a preferred beachfront hotel in Nessebar!
Sol Marina Palace in Nessebar

About the hotel

In the summer of 2004, a white ship docked in the harbor of Nessebar, proudly hoisting its flag with the Marina Palace imprinted on it. Illuminated by the brilliance of its four stars, shaken by the winter storms, it is right there … eager to greet its dear guests from faraway regions…

провлака и Стария Несебър

For Nessebar and the Region

Nessebar – feel the eternity… a unique city under the protection of UNESCO!

The mussels sang beneath the boat, and we dreamed along with them...

Magnetic, beautiful, and rich in history. Nessebar is one of the towns on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast with a special charm. . Some refer to it as the pearl of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. This is not by chance. The town is stunning, and every nook and cranny is steeped in history. The old town is even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nessebar was founded over 3,000 years ago and now is home to nearly 14,000 people. It is located 35 kilometers northeast of Burgas and is an excellent choice for those dreaming of a pleasant summer vacation. The city preserves the memories of bygone centuries, and the Western fortress wall with the gate is well preserved and popular with tourists even till this day.

The town is also well-known for its churches. Many of the structures that can be seen today were constructed in the old town of Nessebar during the Renaissance, as were seven temples. Two of them – St. Stefan and St. Spas have both been transformed into museums.

провлака и Стария Несебър - нощен изглед
дрон снимка на Несебър стария град

Nessebar is exceptional in that its two parts, old and new, are separated by a narrow isthmus. The windmill, one of the beach town’s symbols, stands in the midst of this isthmus. Many residents and visitors to the city enjoy the surroundings around it. The proximity to the sea, as well as the benches placed around the mill, make it a popular location for walks and relaxation.

Throughout the summer, Nessebar hosts a variety of events. The cultural program is diverse and strives to guarantee that resort guests have a good stay. Concerts are frequently held at the historic theater. Behind it is another well-known landmark: the town’s sea port. Nessebar is a popular stopover for cruise ships, and several of them may be seen there throughout the summer.

There are numerous restaurants in the surrounding region. Guests at the resort can relax with a glass of white wine and some delectable seafood. There are also good links to nearby resorts. Nessebar is well connected by road to Ravda, Elenite, and Saint Vlas.



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