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Awaits you delicious food awaits you and a unique atmosphere.. You will find it here

Awaits you You will find it here!


On Saturday nights, we’re in sea mood with Mediterranean delicacies. Bulgarian spirit and traditions are celebrated in our Bulgarian evening, set to folklore beats, with a dance performance, traditional dishes and drinks. Every Tuesday evening is a joy for both young and old – pasta and pizza evening, Italian temptations with live music… and let my heart sing… These are our themed dinners at our lovely Marina restaurant

During the remainder of your stay, you can enjoy a variety of delicious offers at our buffet and show cooking.

The restaurant’s main hall features 100 seats, the small hall offers 24 seats, and the summer terrace has 48 seats with magnificent sea view.


Colorful, sunny, and warm as a summer day in our Marina Bar!

The ideal spot for brunch or a cooling afternoon beverage after a relaxing time at the beach.

The bar serves all-inclusive alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as selected snacks. It features an outside terrace and a garden. On Mondays and Fridays, we offer live music for our customers’ enjoyment.


Romance, freedom, and inspiration… a place where the sky is our limit and we design our lives beautifully!

There is no better spot to greet the dawn or to enjoy the cool night breeze and the great expanse of the calm sea under the the lights of the ancient and mysterious Nessebar. Raise your hand as if you could touch the stars, let the violin smooth you soul and give yourself the pleasure of the finest gourmet experience for your palate… an explosion for all your senses!


Beach, sea, relax and delicious food … Exotic cocktails, and drinks … What more does a person need?

Beach, sea, What more does a person need?

Guests who have booked their stay with an all-inclusive package can take advantage of our chef’s varied menu. Our culinary creations, whether presented at a buffet or prepared in front of you at a show cooking, will gratify even the most refined taste. The main restaurant serves main meals, while Marina Bar serves brunch and late lunch. Fresh fruit, sweets and ice cream are available to guests at all times. All restaurants serve hot and cold drinks, local alcohol, and fresh cocktails from daybreak until 11 p.m. For the convenience of our sunbathing guests, we feature a spot for beer, coffee, and water on our sunny terrace.

… The day begins with a fresh French croissant or Grandma’s pancakes with jam, or a traditional English breakfast of crispy bacon, eggs, and black tea, with fresh fruit for a slender figure. Hot meat or meatless soup, fresh salads, or ingredients for making your own salad are available for lunch and dinner. Cheeses and appetizers, snacks, our numerous meat dishes of fish, pork, and chicken, suitable side dishes, and meatless options for vegetarians, pizzas, and spaghetti are also available. Desserts include a variety of delicious temptations such as cakes, eclairs, petit fours, creams, and ice cream. And, of course, seasonal fresh fruit.


Monday: French themed dinner

Tuesday: Italian themed dinner with live music

Wednesday: Balkan themed dinner

Thursday: traditional Bulgarian dishes with folk program

Friday: fresh fish and seafood with a cup of ouzo in our Mediterranean evening.

Saturday: Latin themed dinner with Latin dance program

Sunday – delicacies from Asia

храна на блок маса - хотел Sol Marina Palace

If you skipped breakfast or were hungry after the beach, come and dine at Marina Bar. A slice of pizza and some French fries are always a fantastic idea. There is also live music after dinner on Mondays and Fridays.

High up there is the Sky Bar, which serves classic cocktails, cool beers, local spirits, wine, and cold and hot soft beverages. In addition to the all-inclusive package, we also provide a limited range of imported alcohol and bottled soft and alcoholic beverages at an additional fee.



7:30 – 10:00 – Breakfast
12:30 – 14:30 – Lunch
18:30 – 21:00 – Dinner


10:30 – 23:00


10:30 – 12:30 – Brunch
14:30 – 18:30 – Late lunch or afternoon snack


08:30 – 24:00

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